Diversity and Inclusion







Diversity and Inclusion

Reflecting the community we serve

The greatest asset of any business is its people, and Yarra Trams is no exception.

We are committed to creating safe and inclusive workplaces that advance equality and where our people are empowered to be their authentic selves without fear. Our teams reflect the community we serve, leading to better passenger and employee experiences, and happier, healthier people.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy focuses on the following pillars:

First Nations Australians: we’re committed to creating meaningful relationships and positive employment outcomes with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities via our Reconciliation Action Plan, Aboriginal Talent Pool engagement, and social procurement frameworks.

Gender Diversity: we’re working hard to create a workplace of equality, attract and retain talented women and gender diverse people to our industry and provide clear pathways for career development. We’re doing this with our Women in Transport (WIT) Network participation, and Gender Equality Working Group.

We are proudly endorsed by Work180 as an employer of choice for women and people with a gender diverse experience. See our policies and benefits on our Work180 profile by clicking here!

LGBTIQ+ People: we want to create inclusive workplaces that welcome, support and embrace our LGBTIQ+ team members. To achieve this, we’re using our LGBTIQ+ Pride Alliance, industry wide Transport Pride partnership, and Midsumma partnership to support community.

People with Disability and Accessibility Needs: we believe workplaces should be accessible, safe and enjoyable for everyone, so we’re using our Accessibility Action Plan, Internal Accessibility Committee (IACT), and partnership with the Australian Network on Disability (AND) to ensure everyone is welcome.

We are proud to have a Workplace Adjustment Policy and encourage people with disability to come and work with us, If you would like further details about an advertised role, or if you require an adjustment in the application process please email careers@yarratrams.com.au or call: 1800 800 007

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: we celebrate the cultural and linguistical diversity of all Melburnians and our amazing teams. We’re thrilled to participate in the Jobs and Skills Summit, the Engineering Pathways Industry Cadetship (EPIC) and host our Employability Program so we can further share in the diversity of experience we all have.

Ages and Life Stages: our workforce is multigenerational, and we know that people require tailored support depending on their life stages and circumstance. To help our people navigate the journey of life and work, we’re utilising the VET in Schools – Certificate II in Rail Fundamentals employment program, generous parental and carers leave entitlements, and the Transition to Retirement program.  

We know that diversity is our greatest strength, and thus inclusion is our priority and the responsibility of everyone at Yarra Trams. We strongly encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, women and gender diverse people, LGBTIQ+ people, people with disability and accessibility needs, and culturally and linguistically diverse peoples to apply. Your journey with us will be supported every step of the way, and we can’t wait to have you on board!